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Find out how to get unlimited Beex and Wooz with the latest WoozWorld Cheats Tool. This latest WoozWorld Cheats Tool now supported all popular browser, internet explorer, google chrome, mozilla firefox, safari and opera.

Hack WoozWorld with just a few clicks with the latest tool and get unlimited Beex, Wooz and VIP code for your WoozWorld account. Works on windows XP, 7, 8 and Mac.

About WoozWorld

WoozWorld, originally called Kidstudio, is a virtual gaming community and social network service founded in 2009 and headquartered in Montreal, Quebec. WoozWorld's services allow tweens, teens, and kids to connect with each other through customizable profiles and interactive activities.

WoozWorld allows users to design their own online realities where they can engage in activities, set up a new virtual space, and create their own business. The services is designed for children and teenagers, the average age of users being between 9 to 16.

The Canadian Innovation Exchange listed WoozWorld as one of the most innovative Canadian technology companies in 2011, and awarded it with the 2012 readers choice award for "Best Website for Teens: Gaming and Virtual Worlds".

In 2012, WoozWorld was nominated by The British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA) in the Best Website category. The company ranked 5 out of 427 on a 360 kid list of highest trafficked virtual worlds in September 2012.

How to Get Unlimited Beex and Wooz in WoozWorld?

Download latest WoozWorld Cheats Tool from the download link below to your computer, this cheats tool tested and works on Windows 7, 8, XP and Mac.

After you downloaded the tools, login to your WoozWorld account with Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera or Safari, our tools works on those browser. 

Launch the WoozWorld Cheats Tool and key in your login id, choose what item and amount of Beex and Wooz you would like to add into your WoozWorld account, then you click the "Get" button. 

Wait until the progress bar reach 100% and the "Get" button changed to green color "Done". Then you can close the cheats tool and refresh your browser to check your WoozWorld Beex and Wooz amounts. 

While you can easily get WoozWorld beex and wooz, the vip code is still on beta stage, we still finding some way to give you 100% working code, some user reported that the code they get from the tools give them vip account, some don't.

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